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8 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Start of Medical School

The wait for med school to start can be hard! At the time of writing, it is still a long 6 months away for me. So I thought I’d come up with a list of things to do to distract myself from my day job the arduous and long wait.

  1. Making sure that you’ve got all the admin in order

    For those of us who are moving to another country to pursue our doctor dreams, this is THE FIRST thing to settle before even thinking about anything else. Even for domestic students, this can be a headache with all the necessary health checks, police checks, vaccinations etc etc and the list goes on! Read through your offer letter carefully to make sure that you do not miss out any important detail. Don’t forget to check out the orientation programmes available as well. You don’t want to be left out of the fun. 🙂

  2. Find out more about the curriculum

    Given that you’ll be spending your next 4 years following this “schedule”, it’ll probably be good to read up and find out more about what you are actually going to learn.

  3. Check out accommodation options

    ..and what’s in the vicinity of your future home! This can be pretty fun. Will you be staying on/off campus? If you’re on campus, will it be easier to stay in a fully catered hall? Or will you be able to cope with a self-catered option? If you’re going to stay off campus, how far from the school are you willing to stay?  Lots to think about!

  4. Start a packing list!

    Another fun thing to occupy yourself with. What are the things you’ll require for the move to med school? A quick list of the clothes, gadgets, misc household stuff to bring along will be helpful when you finally start packing nearer to the date. I personally have some textbooks that are still relevant from my BSc days, so those are going in the list too. Not to forget my favourite G2 pen refills and Muji notebooks! Those are the best notetaking tools a student can ask for.

  5. Contact seniors, through Facebook groups etc

    Speaking of old textbooks, it might be useful to start contacting seniors from the school that could give you some tips on the application process or more. I contacted one of the admins for the Facebook group of my school’s medical society, and he very kindly allowed me to join the group even though I’m not enrolled yet! From there you could learn so much more about the school from the seniors who’s #beentheredonethat!

  6. Read these books

  7. Pick out a stethoscope colour!

    If you’re like me who’s gonna hop on the Littmann bandwagon, their stethoscopes come in a variety of colours. Might seem a little premature at this point, but it’s still pretty fun to pick a favourite colour for your future stethoscope!

  8. And if 1-7 didn’t work, you can always start a blog 😉 




2 thoughts on “8 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Start of Medical School

  1. That’s a good list 🙂 Kinda regret not really going through the motions because I did my A Levels and went straight into my MBBS course. Just completed my first year of med school, and I’d definitely advice you to just do that extra reading and have those extra experiences before heading off – you’re gonna have so little time afterwards.


    • Haha I guess it’ll be really busy too, just wanna make sure everything’s in order so there’s less to worry about when the time comes for the big move! Hope you’re enjoying Med school tho!


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