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A Guide to Medical School Applications (Australia)

Here in Singapore there are 3 medical schools of a combined intake of about 400 students (?) a year. For graduate applicants, there is only the Duke-NUS School of Medicine which has the M.D or MD/PhD programme and the other 2 schools are undergraduate entry only. Needless to say, getting into these school are extremely competitive. Furthermore, I personally feel that Duke-NUS’s focus on medical research and their TeamLEAD methodology is not really what I look for in a medical education. (more on that maybe later)

Luckily for me, there is an option to get that education overseas, in the continent of Australia. The process of applying to the schools can be quite long and tedious – I started prepping almost 2 years in advance (registered for MCAT in May 2015, took it in Sept 2015, applied in March 2016, got in in May 2016…school starts in Feb 2017). So I’ll try to condense it into:

A (Rough) Guide to Applying for Medical Schools in Australia

I think I might split this topic into a few series to go into more detail for those important steps, but I shall list down the major steps to applying for medical schools in Australia here as an overview. I’m assuming you’re a grad student looking at graduate entry to the schools too..


I gave myself a little more than 3 months to study for it…because I know I would procrastinate till it hits me that OMG MCAT IS IN A MONTH’S TIME AND I HAVEN’T STARTED. Also because I’m in full time job, and I could only study during lunch and after work. You’ll definitely need this if you’re applying to graduate schools in Australia. There are some schools that don’t require it though. Maybe I’ll put down a summary at another time. (UPDATE: Click here!)

Oh and I didn’t do GAMSAT. More on that later.

2. Get yourself a reliable education agent

IMPORTANT. Will go into more detail in a separate post on why and how and maybe who. But basically you should get an education agent to help you with applications because they’ll help waive the application fees!

3. Familiarise yourself with the schools, costs involved, curriculum etc

Self-explanatory point, but also important. You don’t want to select a school or city thats out of your budget, or one with a curriculum that you don’t agree with.

4. Get your certs ready!

Now that you’ve selected your choice(s) of school, get ready to apply! If you’ve done Number 2 right, then your capable agent will be able to help you with application. You just have to send your documents over to them!

5. Attend interviews

Congratulations on your interview offer! Time to suit up and get ready to wow the judgesinterviewers, like her:


Just kidding, please DO NOT draw yourself a beard. I’ll write a separate post about interview strategies.

6. Begin the loooooooooooooooooong wait


7. Accept the school!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Don’t forget to read your offer letter from cover to cover and make sure you do everything stated there to confirm your slot in the school! Or if you have a decision to make between different schools…well that’s a happy problem isn’t it. 🙂

I’ll probably come back to add more details in each of these steps in separate posts. Stick around!


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