Apologies/One-Way Ticket

Goodness I haven’t been here in months! Instead I opted for the occasional tweet… 140 characters was way easier to craft than legit blogs.

For this I apologise. 🙏🏼

The real reason for my not being here though, was because there wasn’t much going on on the “med school” part of my life given that I’m not there yet! It is also still too early to pack so I really have no material.

The only thing that I did that was related was to…BOOK THE ONE-WAY PLANE TICKET!! ✈️That was pretty momentous. Like, it’s happening, it’s happening! And there’s something really magical about one-way tickets 🙂 It’s almost symbolic of a brand new start, or the act of leaving everything you know behind and stepping out of your comfort zone to craft a new life for yourself!

Not sure whether this will be a mistake to regret, but I didn’t upgrade my 30kg baggage limit. I’ve always been a light packer and I really don’t think I’ll be bringing much things over…whatever I need I can always get it there right? Besides, there is a chance my mum and sis are coming with me, so I’ll just piggyback on their baggage limit. 😋  What is family for right.

I’ll be flying on the first day of February. So that’s maybe a little less than 100 days away, and I can hardly wait.

Maybe when the countdown gets nearer I’ll be active again.

Till then, tweet me @thatmdstudentsg!


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