Just 23 Days more to Medical School, and I’m freaked out

Well actually it is not the idea of entering medical school that freaks me out, but more the fact that I’ll be moving to a completely new country.

This will be the first time I’m living on my own, cos living in the university hall with 2 catered meals and returning home in the weekends do not count at all. This times it’s real. I’m gonna have to be responsible for everything, on my own. With my family across the ocean. Okay yes that’s pretty freaky. Read More »

Apologies/One-Way Ticket

Goodness I haven’t been here in months! Instead I opted for the occasional tweet… 140 characters was way easier to craft than legit blogs.

For this I apologise. 🙏🏼

The real reason for my not being here though, was because there wasn’t much going on on the “med school” part of my life given that I’m not there yet! It is also still too early to pack so I really have no material.

The only thing that I did that was related was to…BOOK THE ONE-WAY PLANE TICKET!! ✈️That was pretty momentous. Like, it’s happeningRead More »

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Gratitude Journal

Today somebody I was really pissed at said something that really took me by surprise. I had been so blinded by my anger that I refused to see things in another perspective. I was positively surprised when she said what she said, and it really made me feel ashamed of myself.

I should have been a bigger person.

So I’m thankful that this person said what she said, because it made me reflect on myself and my behaviour for the past couple of days.

I’m also thankful for lots of other blessings that I have had, all the opportunities, all the love I received from people I love.

Now I’m gonna try and be a better human to be deserving of these things that I’m thankful for.



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All That I Know Now: Being a (Sort Of) Jack of All Trades

My first job out of school was in hospital administration (operations) at a local public hospital. (Maybe I should still use present tense, since I’m still in this job…but oh well) The first month was dedicated to an orientation programme, where the new hires are introduced to the different support departments in the hospital, via a series of talks and presentations by the departments themselves. Read More »

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4 Great Free Apps that Helped Me Survive College

I think the best gift I gave myself was an iPad 2, when I was a freshman in university back in 2011. After getting an iPad, I spent almost every waking minute with it by my side. Whether it was during lectures, or those long nights of studying in the library, my iPad 2 was an indispensable tool.

Apart from the usual social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…to name a few), there were 4 main apps that basically helped me survive the 3 years of undergraduate life in university. Read More »

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My Fitbit Charge HR and Me

I’ve had my Fitbit Charge HR for about 3 months now, and I like to think that I’ve been rather disciplined with wearing it and syncing the data with my phone. It has in fact become a part of me, in some ways. The only time I take it off is when I’m in the shower, or when I’m at my desk, typing.

It hasn’t been particularly effective for me though… in terms of weight loss and improving my sleep cycles etc.Read More »

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The Search For (Paper) Notebooks

To share a little bit about myself, I’ve been working full-time for 2 years now. In July 2014 I graduated from National University of Singapore, and I had thought that I’ve seen the last of formal education. I also thought that I’ll begin my career as a healthcare administrator, and stick to it for (maybe) the rest of my life.

Little did I know I’d give med school another shot. (I tried with NUS after I did my A levels back in ’11)

So yes, I have not been studying for 2 whole years…and I can’t wait to start again! One of the reasons why I’m really excited, is that I’m gonna be using notebooks and writing notes again! There’s just something about writing on a nice and fresh piece of paper with a G2 pen that gets me. Besides, when it comes to studying and info retention, nothing beats writing your own notes that is summarised in your own language.Read More »

A Guide To Taking MCAT…Overseas (My Experience in Taking the MCAT in KL Malaysia)

When I decided to go ahead to book my MCAT exams, it was in the last of my worries that there would be a situation of full house! It had been around May when I logged onto the AAMC website, and I already couldn’t book any slots for the month of August or September because they were all full at my local exam site. Didn’t know the exam was so popular…I mean yes, there were slots for May or June, but I wasn’t going to do myself a disservice by signing up for an exam that is scheduled in the next two weeks! I had graduated from university for a year now, at that point. MCAT in 2 weeks? That’s a no no.

My mouse cursor strayed over to the exam sites in other countries, and that was when I thought, this may be an opportunity for a holiday too!

After contemplating for awhile, I decided to go ahead to sign up for the exam in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read More »

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8 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Start of Medical School

The wait for med school to start can be hard! At the time of writing, it is still a long 6 months away for me. So I thought I’d come up with a list of things to do to distract myself from my day job the arduous and long wait.

  1. Making sure that you’ve got all the admin in order

    For those of us who are moving to another country to pursue our doctor dreams, this is THE FIRST thing to settle before even thinking about anything else. Even for domestic students, this can be a headache with all the necessary health checks, police checks, vaccinations etc etc and the list goes on! Read through your offer letter carefully to make sure that you do not miss out any important detail. Read More »